The 5 best games released in the month of October (2020)

The 5 best games released in the month of October (2020)

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The month of October is full of new games that have undoubtedly surprised gamers.

Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition and Torchlight 3 are the highlights in the launches. The return of Microsoft's iconic strategy series, famous in the 90s, arrives with several extras for gamers, while the new title in the Torchlight series brings a bit more of the Diablo-style gameplay to its fans.

With this in mind, we have created an article with the 5 best releases of the month.

1. Torchlight 3

An isometric action RPG game in classic molds like Diablo, but with its own flavor. The plot takes place a century after the events of Torchlight 2, where the armies of Infernantes returned to conquer the kingdom of Novastraia.

The initial proposal of the game was to be an MMO, when it was still called Torchlight Frontiers, but during its development. However, during its development, it became somewhat closer to the original games and earned its name.

2. Cloudpunk

Following the environment of cyberpunk games, players enter the role of Rania, an employee of the Cloudpunk Department who has to cross the entire city to make her deliveries.

The focus of the game is on her narrative, where Rania encounters all kinds of humans, including androids and artificial intelligence. Additionally, this neon-filled city can be explored by players both in a flying car and on foot with a side game.

Although it just hit consoles right now, the game was already available for PC.

3. G. Joe: Operation Blackout

Based on the Commands in Action game series, G. Joe's new title brings firefights and plenty of action in third-person multiplayer.

The game focuses on the team battle between some of the most popular characters in the franchise, such as Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes, Right-handed, Baroness and more, in a total of 12 fighters. Similarly, there is a single player campaign that tells the story of both sides of G. Joe and the terrorist side of the Cobra organization.

4. Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Following the acclaimed title of Remothered: Tormented Fathers, the latest horror game takes a young girl named Jen to a nasty stay at the Ashmann Inn, a hotel full of mysteries and terrifying monsters.

As players get to know the characters from the first game more, Jen has to run away from the creatures called stalkers and take cover so they can't find her.

In other words, the game is considered a kind of spiritual successor to the classic Clock Tower series and features Italian director Chris Darril in the story.

5. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

The third chapter in Microsoft's classic strategy series returns in a complete new version with 4K high-resolution graphics and remastered music.

Players will restore their colonies with 14 different civilizations and will have the participation of two new civilizations: the Incas and the Swedes. Also, it has two alternative modes in the game: iconic wars, with standout confrontations throughout history, and the Art of War challenge missions, which put users in adverse situations to face.

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