Celtic mythology: banshees, spectral beings that announce death

Celtic mythology: banshees, spectral beings that announce death

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The banshees according to celtic mythologyThey are messenger fairies of death.

Your name means hill woman and it is a feminine spirit that -according to the myth- appears in front of people to profess with their cries or screams the death of a relative.

What do banshees look like?

Celtic mythology describes them with a delicate but elegant appearance, with very pale skin and long, lush hair.

According to legend, the banshees They are able to acquire three different forms, which can be: a very young woman, a majestic lady, or an old woman with blood-red eyes for all the tears they have shed during their existence.

The banshees usually wear a gray or white dress, which fades in the lower part so that the legs are not observed; that color of the dress helps her fade when she wanders alone in the hills.

In some traditions it is believed that the banshee is able to show itself with different forms of animals such as hare, raven, weasel, and other animals that are related to witchcraft in Ireland.

Sounds that announce death?

The banshee's howl is described as terrifying, because it is such a piercing sound that it can break even glass.

Others define it as a very fine song and even pleasant to the ear, as well as others who claim that it resembles the sound of nails tearing a blackboard or a wall.

What all the descriptions do agree on is that it is a very scary sound, because the cry of the banshees it just means death is coming.

According to legend, the banshee appears alone at nightIt is not possible to see it physically, but it makes itself heard.

However, when it is seen, it appears as a washerwoman scrubbing clothes stained with blood, as a disturbing shadow that stays in the distance or it can also appear washing in a river or brushing her hair.

Furthermore, it is said that It is common to see them wandering near the houses of the relatives to whom they were related.

But over time and as surnames have disappeared as family trees have been separated from their members, these women of the sinister have become less and less visible.

And you, have you heard about the legend of the banshees?

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