Greek mythology: who was Aeneas? Biography of a Trojan hero

Greek mythology: who was Aeneas? Biography of a Trojan hero

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Aeneas is a Trojan hero, son of Aphrodite and Anchises. The Nymphs of the mountains and Chiron were in charge of his education and as an adult, he married Creusa, daughter of Priam, with whom he had a son, Ascanio.

During the Trojan War he fought bravely alongside Hector. He was saved by Apollo when he was wounded by Diomedes, who carried him out wrapped in a cloud from the battlefield.

Once recovered he returned to the fight, killing among others Creton and Orsilochus and was rescued again in a cloud, this time by Poseidon.

The Flight of Aeneas from Troy

When the fall of Troy and without being able to do anything, along with a group of warriors left the city, carrying his father on his shoulders and his son in his arms.

Along with the Palladium and the Gods Penates, Creusa, who was with them, disappeared in the tumult, then her ghost and indicating to Aeneas his future.

He gathered what was left of the Trojan people and in twenty ships they left, they passed through Thrace, where he learns of the Polidoro tragedy, son of Priam, continuing his journey until he reached Delos and by mistake they went to Crete (not quite understanding the words of the oracle) where his Penates made him see his mistake and then they went to Italy.

They are thrown at Estrophades Islands for a storm where are you the harpies. They continue along the shores of Epirus and meet Heleno, another son of Priam, who predicts great events for him.

He then arrived in Italy and offered sacrifices to Hera, then surrounding Sicily entered Drépano. Anchises died in Drépano. When embarking again, a tempest threw him on the shores of Carthage, where Dido reigned.

In love with him she tried to retain him, but fulfilling the order of the Gods, Aeneas had to continue, Dido committing suicide with the Hero's own sword, but not before telling Aeneas that yes I would found a new cityBut between it and Carthage there would be an eternal struggle.

He arrives in Sicily again, where the women instigated by Hera, set fire to the ships, although many are saved by the work of Zeus.

He leaves the old men and women in Sicily and leaves for Italy, his pilot Palinuro dying on the way.

Back in Italy, the Sibyl of Cumas accompanied him to Hell, at the entrance of which he found horrible monsters and on the banks of the Styx, among other souls, he sees that of Palinuro who was still unburied.

Asleep Cerberus, travels through Hades, where he meets Dido, reaching the Champs Elysees and talks to his father, not without having offered to Persephone a bouquet of gold carried for this purpose. Upon returning, he continued sailing and reached the Tiber.

Latin, king of the region, received him kindly by giving him the hand of his daughter Lavinia. Hera sends Alecto, one of the Furies, to create a discord between Latinos and Trojans.

Turn, king of the rutuli tried to fight it.

Aeneas managed to defeat Turnus and his allies (Among whom was the Amazon Camila) and at the end of the war, he married Lavinia and, on his death, reigned over the region.

About his death, the best known version was the one that had been snatched away by the Gods during a storm, being venerated by the Latins.

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