Biography of Julio Alpuy

Biography of Julio Alpuy

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Julio Uruguay Alpuy was born in 1919 in Cerro Chato, located in the departments of Durazno, Florida and Treinta y Tres, Uruguay. At 16 years of age he settled in Montevideo, where he continued his studies.

In 1940 he met Joaquin Torres Garcia. Shortly after joining his workshop, he dedicated himself to teaching, an activity that he will never abandon since then.

He ventures into the most diverse techniques: drawing, watercolor, tempera, engraving, easel and mural painting, mosaic, stained glass, ceramics and wood construction.

After Torres García's death in 1949, travels through various countries in Europe, the Near and Middle East and Africa. Later, he traveled to Chile, Colombia (where he lived for almost two years) and Venezuela, until in December 1961 he settled permanently in the United States of America.

Since its first group show, the «Eleventh Exhibition of the TTG«, At the Montevideo Ateneo in May 1943, his works have been exhibited countless times in galleries and institutions in America and Europe.

Among others, the Itinerant exhibition inaugurated at the National Museum –Centro de Arte– Reina Sofía from Madrid in 1991, «The School of the South, the Torres García Workshop and its Legacy«.

The presence of Julio Alpuy's work in important collections and museums, and various scholarships awarded by leading institutions, guarantee the recognition of his extensive career.

He died in 2009, in New York City.