Book ‘Persian fire: the first world empire and the battle for the West’, by Tom Holland

Book ‘Persian fire: the first world empire and the battle for the West’, by Tom Holland

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After having published with enormous success Rubicon: rise and fall of the Roman Republic (Attic Historia, 2016) andDynasty: the history of the first five emperors of Rome (Ático Historia, 2017), the new work of Tom holland: ‘Persian fire: the first world empire and the battle for the West ’an epic story of the Medical Wars, the clash between Greek cities and the mighty and fearsome Persian Empire.

Holland offers usa vivid and trustworthy portrait of the great protagonists of this great contest to later analyze the great conflict between East and West. The famous British historian takes us back in time to the transcendental battles of Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis and Plataea and introduces us to legendary characters as well known as Darío, Xerxes or the Spartan Leonidas showing off theiragile style what makes thereading the text is enjoyable like that of a novel.

AComplete history of the wars between Greeks and Persianswhere Holland demonstrates his excellence by presenting all the ins and outs of a well-known and important time in which the future of our civilization was decided.

Review of ‘Persian Fire: the first world empire and the battle for the West‘

At the beginning of the 5th century BC. C.,The West was on the verge of disappearing.

The greatest war machine that history had known to date, the mighty Persian Empire, turned to small Greek cities to continue its military expansion.

If the Persians succeeded, they would end Greek democracy, philosophy, and science, and thereby uproot Western civilization from the face of the earth. In front of them, only a handful of hoplites, inferior in number and faced by the enmity between Athens and Sparta.

The emperor Darius was sure of victory: the work of the great Cyrus would continue and his empire would dominate all of Europe. After all, the Persian Empire had never been defeated, and these rebellious and primitive Westerners would not be the first to do so ... would they?

Tom Holland takes us back to the most exciting time in history in a way never seen before. We will feel in the front line of battle in the Thermopylae gorge and among the burning triremes in Salamis, while the acclaimed British historian explains the intricacies of that conflict and shows us that its impact can be perceived even in the relations between West and East. nowadays.

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