The predecessors of modern roulette

The predecessors of modern roulette

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The game of roulette is one of the methods of entertainment whose origin is not exactly known. For historians, the roulette originating in Europe created in France by a mathematical scientist is the theory most accepted by the historian community, although it is questioned that its invention may be related to the Asian continent and to the ancient Romans.

This game is one of the oldest yet played. Today roulette has a certain similarity between the first versions of it and the most modern ones. The "Wheel of Fortune" or the "Board of Figurines" are the predecessors of what we now know as one of the classics of online and traditional casinos, which presents various variants throughout the world.

Middle Ages: the first documents of roulette

The earliest archival documents and records of this game come from the Middle Ages, although its invention is believed to date back to an earlier time. Long before there were live casinos in Spain there was a popular game of chance called the wheel of fortune and it was famous in Spain and Europe. This attraction was not popular in casinos, but in esoteric places related to the tarot, the stars and the magical world.

The nature of wheels and, in general, roulette wheels, have made many generations feel attracted to them and that it is considered a product of mysticism, related to magic.

Thus, it is believed that in ancient times sorcerers and fortune-tellers, basically tied to the world of cards and tarot, already used roulettes as a means to know the fortune of those who wanted to consult their luck, know their future and even perform black magic. And it is that the esoteric world, spells and curses come from many years ago, from the first civilizations that stepped on the world.

Other versions of the roulettes that surely influenced to obtain the current casino game were the roulette E.O, better known as odd / even, and the Biribí board. The latter was a game of chance of French origin that consisted of small bets, similar to modern lotteries and bingo halls.

The magic of the movement of the wheels has impacted since the beginning of humanity in all areas. The apparent center balance, the increase in speed as we move away from it, the possibility that it stops at a random point; All of this had to influence the development of different games based on the wheel. The wheel also allowed, since its invention, that man facilitate his life with her by using them in machinery, means of transport or as tools.

Checking which of all these games was the first of its kind and which were later adaptations is difficult to determine, although the similarities suggest that the betting rules have remained present in both ancient societies and the current population.

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