They confirm the existence of the Egyptian cargo ship described by Herodotus 2,500 years ago

They confirm the existence of the Egyptian cargo ship described by Herodotus 2,500 years ago

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Archaeologists from the University of Oxford (UK) have confirmed that the remains of a shipwreck found in the sunken city of Thonis Heraklion, in Egypt, correspond to a record made by the Greek historian Herodotus about the presence of a cargo ship 2,500 years ago.

The existence of these types of ships was in doubt due to the lack of archaeological evidence. However, as early as 2013 scientists began to find several similarities the ship described by the Greek historian and the wrecked ship, known as 'Barco 17'.

«What Herodotus described was what we were seeing"Said Damian Robinson, director of the center for maritime archeology at the British university. In addition, he added that the wreck is «fabulously preserved»And it is about one of the first large-scale Egyptian trading ships that have been discovered so far.

Originally, the vessel was 28 meters long and features a previously undocumented type of construction involving thick boards assembled with tenons, as Herodotus noted when he discovered an unusual ship, slightly smaller, in the year 450 a. C.

Russian researcher Alexander Belov stated in a recent book that the architecture of the ship corresponds exactly to the description made by the Greek historian and emphasizes that his mounting method is specifically Egyptian.

"We see a completely unique form of construction here, which is not seen anywhere else," commented Robinson.

Herodotus was impressed by the way people built the ship and so he recorded it, just as he was also amazed by the peculiar types of wood used to build the ships, which for him was completely unknown.

Archaeologists believe that the ship Herodotus saw even it could have been built in the same shipyard in which the vessel was discovered, since the word-for-word analysis of Herodotus' text exactly matches the appearance of the ship.

Via: University of Oxford

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